Realtor Assessments

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Where It's At specializes in helping realtors decide how to get the most bang for their buck when considering whether or not to remodel homes before putting them on the market.

We have an extensive background in design and construction, and excel in projects designed to upgrade your home for the turbulent real estate market.

Whether it's updating your twenty-year-old kitchen or splashing a new coat of paint on your walls or glazing that 1950s bathroom tile or fixing problem areas in your house (like cracks in the walls from normal house settling), we consult on the most economical upgrades ... and then we do the work for you!

WIA focuses on curb appeal for the outside and inside of your home.

Here are a few of the realtors we've worked with in the past:

Betty Gilmore realtor
Betty Gilmore
Annette Dorsett realto
Annette Dorsett
Nancy Radtke realtor
Nancy Radtke

paint walls, install floors, install new plumbing, hook up electrical